Gucci Fashion Show At Acropolis Hill?

Greece's significant Archaeological Council (KAS) on Tuesday become unanimous in rejecting the Gucci trend house request for protecting a way reveal on the Acropolis Hill in the summer.
"The entertaining cultural character of the Acropolis monuments is inconsistent with this experience, as its monuments are symbols of civilization and UNESCO monuments of world cultural heritage," was the reputable reply.
Gucci had proposed to offer a 2 million euro supply for restoration works on the Acropolis Hill, or some other venture the Ministry of tradition selected, for permission to stage a 15 minute show. Gucci representatives additionally claimed that the Acropolis Hill and Parthenon would receive super publicity seeing that Hollywood stars and different luminaries can be among the guests.
The Italian business representatives noted an extended catwalk between the Erechtheion and the north side of the Parthenon or west of the Erechtheion, a large tent set up as a dressing room and 7 8 meter tall metallic pillars for loudspeakers.

The demonstrate would final 15 minutes and the visitors could be 300, with 10% being Greeks, 80% European and American vogue journal editors and 10% Hollywood stars.
The event would take region on June 1 would delivery at 10pm with a rehearsal taking place two hours earlier. The organizers have been certain to immediately deconstruct the deploy at the end of the adventure.
Speaking on public broadcaster ERT, culture Minister Lydia Koniordou mentioned that she concurs 100% with the KAS decision. "The Parthenon is an important monument and regularly occurring image for us Greeks to offer protection to, primarily all the way through our continuous effort for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles."
Director of the Acropolis Museum, Dimitris Pantermalis, said: "The Parthenon and the Acropolis do not need advertising. There can be no benefit from such an experience. The element is to no longer degrade the cultural image with the aid of putting up a stage there, because the leading subject will be the catwalk, not the Acropolis."
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